Install Genero Business Development Language

These topics relate to the installation of Genero Business Development Language.

Installation can vary depending on the host operating system. Ensure you follow the installation instructions for your host operating system.

Note: See the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for additional installation and configuration information.

System requirements

For details about system requirements, refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Download page of the Four Js Web site) or contact your support center.

Genero Business Development Language packages

The Genero Business Development Language software is a self-extractable installation program.

Genero BDL package files follow a specific naming convention:


  • product is the product identifier
  • version is the release number of the software
  • build is the build information
  • osident is the operating system identifier
  • extension is run on UNIX™ platforms, exe on Windows® platforms, and dmg or run on macOS™ platforms.



Pre-install tasks

Before launching the installation program, make sure:
  1. You have a license number and a license key for Genero BDL development or runtime. See License Genero Business Development Language for more details.
  2. You have a valid maintenance contract (for BDL versions 2.20 or higher) and maintenance key. See License Genero Business Development Language for more details.
  3. You are using a supported operating system. See the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Download page of the Four Js Web site).
  4. You are connected to the system as a user with sufficient privileges to install the software in the target directory.
  5. Your configuration matches all hardware requirements and software requirements.
In addition there are some environment and database considerations that you may need to take care of before installation. Make sure:
Important: Before starting the installation program, make sure that the database client environment variables are set.
  1. You have set the environment variables for the database client software (for example, INFORMIXDIR).
  2. You have access to all needed DLLs (PATH) or shared libraries (LD_LIBRARY_PATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH_64, SHLIB_PATH, LIBPATH or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH).
  3. You can use the C compiler, if you need to create C Extensions.
  4. You can use the JDK, if you need to use the Java Interface.

C compiler for C Extensions

Applications using C extensions need a C compiler and linker to build the C extension library that will be loaded by the runtime system.

On UNIX platforms, you need a cc compiler on the system where you create the C extension libraries. Note that some UNIX systems do not have a C compiler installed by default.

On Windows platforms, it is mandatory to install Microsoft® Visual C++ version corresponding to the installed Genero BDL package. The OS identifier of the Genero BDL package file name identifies the Visual C++ version to be used.


In order to use the Java Interface in your application programs, you need the Java software installed and properly configured.

  • Install a Java Development Kit on development sites (if you need to compile your own Java classes)
  • Install a Java Runtime Environment on production sites (on the server where your programs are running)
The version of the installed Java software can be shown with the command:
java --version

In order to execute Java byte code, the Genero runtime system uses the JNI interface. The JVM is loaded as a shared library and its binary format must match the binary format of the Genero runtime system. For example, a 64-bit Genero package requires a 64-bit JVM.

For a detailed list of supported JVMs, refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Download page of the Four Js Web site).

Install Genero BDL on UNIX platforms

Follow these steps to install Genero Business Development Language (BDL) on UNIX platforms.

On UNIX platforms, Genero BDL is provided as an auto-extractable shell script. Distribution files and installation program are provided in the same file.

The installation program has options. Display the installation program options using the help (-h) option, for example:

./ -h

Note: Ensure that the daemon is run as a non-privileged user (not root) on Linux®/UNIX systems. It is recommended that the non-privileged user should also add the licenses.
  1. To perform the installation, run the auto-extractable shell script without any option.
    For example: ./

    The installation program determines the operating system and checks that all the system requirements are met before starting to copy the product files to your disk.

  2. Follow the instructions of the installation program.
    Answer the questions, including the request for license key and number (See License Genero Business Development Language).

Install BDL on UNIX platforms in silent mode

Install BDL silently on Gnu/Linux and UNIX platforms.

To start the installation, type the following:

./ -a -q -t install_dir

For example:

./ -a -q -t $PWD/fglgws-4.00


Table 1 shows the most common options relating to installation.

Table 1. UNIX install options
Install option Description
-a or --accept Bypass the display and the prompt for acceptance of the license agreement. Using the -a option indicates that you have read and accepted the End User License Agreement contained in the .txt files (in the license directory of the install directory).
-h or --help Display help about all possible options.
-q or --quiet Silent mode with no UI. If -q is not specified, the interactive installer is used.

-f backup|overwrite|remove or

--force backup|overwrite|remove

Specify what happens if the installation directory already exists:
  • backup: Back up the installation directory.
  • overwrite: Overwrite installation file.
  • remove: Delete installation directory before installing.

-t install_dir or

--target install_dir

Install the product in the specified target directory. If -t is not specified, the default installation is used.
--dblist List database drivers available for this package.

Install Genero BDL on Windows

Install Genero BDL on Windows platforms.

Important: If your installation directory is in the C:\Program Files path, you must run as administrator when you license the product. This avoids any permission issues.
  1. Execute the installation package to start the Setup Wizard.




  2. Follow the instructions of the installation program.
    Answer the questions, including the request for license key and number (See License Genero Business Development Language).

Install BDL on Windows in silent mode

Install Genero BDL on Windows platforms using the MSI installer.

On Microsoft Windows, the Genero BDL package is provided with a standard MSI Windows setup program. Distribution files and installation program are provided in the same file.

The msiexec utility provides the means to install, modify, and perform operations on Windows Installer from the command line. The /qn option allows you to install in silent mode. The msiexec utility expects an msi file. To be compliant with Microsoft User Access Control (UAC) requirements, the msi file is embedded inside an exe file. To extract the msi file from the exe file, use the /x option:

fjs-fglgws-version-build-osident.exe /x

For example:

fjs-fglgws-4.00-build2281_gws128706-w32v100.exe /x

A msi file is created in the same directory and with the same name as the exe file.


Table 2 shows the most common options for msiexec relating to installation and un-installation.

Table 2. msiexec install and uninstall options
msiexec option Description
/qn Silent mode with no UI. If /qn is not specified, the graphical installer is used.
/i package-name.msi Install the specified msi package.
/x package-name.msi Uninstall the specified msi package.
/log logfile Write processing info to the specified log file.
/l*vx logfile Provide verbose (detailed) logs in the specified log file

Enter msiexec from the command prompt to view the complete list of available options.


You can pass arguments to the msiexec installer on the command line.

Table 3. Arguments for the msiexec installer
Argument Description
PRODUCTDIR=fgldir-path The path where BDL is installed. It is an alias of FGLDIR variable.
FGLDIR=fgldir_path The path where BDL is installed. It is an alias of the PRODUCTDIR variable.
STARTMENUFOLDER=startmenu-folder Customize the location for the shortcuts in the startmenu. For example, "fjs\fgl".
FORCEREMOVEPRODUCTDIR=YES On uninstall, remove the PRODUCTDIR location, even if it is not empty. YES = Force removal of PRODUCTDIR. Other = Keep files in PRODUCTDIR. Default value: "" (empty string)
Note: Quotes are only required around the argument value when a space character is in the value string.

Call your support center for more details if this silent installation is required.

Install Genero BDL on macOS

Before you begin

You need a macOS and an user account which has administrator access level.

Download the installation package for the macOS .

If you plan to license Genero BDL during the installation process, ensure you have the license number, license key, and maintenance number available.

About this task

Follow these instructions to install the Genero BDL on macOS.

  1. Determine the directory where you will install the product.
    The wizard will eventually suggest /opt/fourjs/fgl. If you plan to use this default, ensure you have write permission to this directory.
  2. Log in as a user with permission to write to the directory in which you plan to install this product.
  3. Copy the self-extractable file into a temporary directory.
  4. From a command prompt, run the self-extractable shell script with the -i option:
    sh -i
    Note: The "x" entries in the file name example above must use the actual numbers of the downloaded file!
  5. Follow the instructions displayed.
    Tip: After you have read the licensing agreement, press "q" to return to the instructions and prompts.
    At some point in the instructions, you will be asked whether you wish to provide the licensing details for the Genero Business Development Language. If you skip this step during the installation, you can always go back later to provide the licensing details.
    When asked about providing the licensing details for the Genero Report Engine, you can choose to not license the GRE. A GRE license is not necessary if you have a Genero BDL license with maintenance support.
What to do next

When installation is complete, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide for configuration information and instructions.

Post-install tasks

Tasks to complete after the installation of Genero BDL.

After installing the product, it is recommended that you first read the license terms provided in the FGLDIR/license directory.

Release information files are provided in FGLDIR/release directory: The readme.txt file may contain important last-minute information that may not be found in the documentation.

A list of corrected defects can be accessed at the issue tracker page of the Four Js website at the following URL:

It is recommended that you read the details of the new features as well as upgrade notes provided in the Upgrading section of Genero Business Development Language User Guide.

Depending on the database server you want to connect to, you will need to set up the correct database driver in FGLPROFILE. The default database driver is selected at installation time. For more details about database driver configuration, see Connections in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide

Tip: If you have configurations from a previous installation version, for example in your fglprofile, avoid copying these files in to your new installation. The preferred practice is to use the default from the new install package so that you benefit from any new or changed syntax it may contain and then reapply your custom changes.
For additional post installation and configuration information see the Installation topics in the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.