Monitor proxy logs

Follow this procedure to monitor proxies running in the GAS.

While the dispatcher is running, you can view the current proxy activity to troubleshoot and/or monitor the GAS.
Note: You can also access proxy log files in your appdata/log/<dispatcher-name>/date directory.
Important: Sensitive and personal data may be written to the output. Make sure that the log output is written to files that can only be read by administrators, and review the management strategy for log files.
  1. Open the monitor page.
    For example, on your machine enter this URL in your browser: http://localhost:6394/monitor.
  2. Select the Proxy logging... link depending on whether you are monitoring GWS or UA proxies.

    The page (http://localhost:6394/monitor/log/<proxy-name>-<session-id>) opens in a browser tab. A chronology of activity since the proxy started, is displayed.

  3. If you are troubleshooting, search for error messages.

    If, for example, the error identified is a DVM error, the process ID is given in the error message. To further investigate, view the VM log running at the time when the error occurred.