The MONITOR element specifies configuration for GAS monitoring and the hosts allowed to access the monitor page of the GAS.



Child elements


You use this element to specify the GAS monitoring configuration and access to it. In the ALLOW_FROM element you can set the IP address of the machine from where the monitor URL is accessible. By default, the monitor page is not accessible and needs to be configured.

Important: Depending on the network configuration, the monitor is not always able to get the actual client IP address. If there is a proxy server between the client and the server, for example, the client IP address seen by the GAS may be the address from the proxy server.

Example configuring monitor access

In the default deployment monitoring is specified by the resource res.access.control, which is defined with the value NOBODY by default.
Note: MONITOR control rules will be ignored by the standalone dispatcher (httpdispatch).
Important: The standalone GAS is for development only, provided to simplify your development setup and configuration. For deployment and production systems, you must include a Web server.

To allow monitoring from hosts, in the GAS configuration file (default $FGLASDIR/etc/as.xcf) you need to change the application element for MONITOR from:

To (for example):
In this example, the GAS monitor is reachable from localhost (,, and all IP that begin with "192.168." or "10.". For more details on the monitor usage, see Monitoring Genero Application Server.

Parent elements

This element is a child of the APPLICATION_SERVER element.