Monitor HTTP requests

Information on the different types of HTTP requests performed by the GAS running Web applications, and Web services, may provide you with useful information for analysis and troubleshooting. Follow this procedure to monitor HTTP requests.

The Monitoring for http requests section of the monitor page provides the following statistics per request type:

  • Handled requests
  • In-progress requests
  • Successful requests
  • Average time
  • Last request time
  1. Open the monitor page.
    For example, on your machine enter this URL in your browser: http://localhost:6394/monitor.
  2. Scroll to the Monitoring for http requests section.
    If you are monitoring Web applications, view the ua type requests. Use Table 1 as a reference to help you with analysis of the data.
    Table 1. Web applications (ua) Request Types
    HTTP Request Description
    /ua/r User requests to start applications.
    /ua/sua Front-end requests submitting user actions.
    /ua/close Front-end requests to stop the DVM.
    /ua/ft File transfer requests
    /ua/i Image requests
    /ua/newtask Front-end request for pending applications in the DVM not yet notified to the front-end.
    /ua/interrupt Interrupt requests sent by the front-end to the DVM.
    /ua/wait, /ua/ping Timeout/keep-alive requests sent by the front-end.
    /ua/w Requests to access files in the Genero Browser Client directory.
    /ua/report Requests to a Genero Report Engine (GRE) running locally.
    /ua/report-r Requests to a GRE running on a remote server.

    If you are monitoring Web services, monitoring statistics for /ws/r HTTP requests will provide this information.

    If you are monitoring applications launched via Genero Desktop Client, viewing statistics for the /da/r HTTP request will provide this information.

    If you require statistics about monitoring, viewing the following request types will give you details:
    • /monitor
    • /monitor/log
    • /monitor/configuration

    If requests of "unknown" type are received, this information is summarized under the unknown heading.