Deploy GBC with gasadmin

The gasadmin tool allows you to deploy a GBC client from the command line.

The gasadmin tool does not require the Genero Identity Provider.
Tip: If you have installed the Genero Identity Provider, then you have access to the Deployment App. The Deployment App provides a browser-based interface for deploying and managing your GBC clients. See Deploy GBC client with Deployment App for more information.
As a prerequisite, you have a compiled version of the GBC front-end in a zip file. For more information, see the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

Deploy a GBC client

To deploy a GBC, you specify the path and filename:
gasadmin gbc --deploy <path+filename>

Deploy GBC

This example shows how you can use the gasadmin deploy command to deploy a GBC client on the GAS.
gasadmin gbc --deploy c:\fjs\gbc-projects\gbc-1.00.53\archive\ 

List deployed GBC clients

To list all deployed GBC clients:
gasadmin gbc --list
All deployed GBC clients are listed, with the default identified.

In addition, the static GBC included with FGLGWS is identified.

Set a GBC client as the default

To set a deployed GBC client as default:
gasadmin gbc --default <name>

To retrieve the name, and to verify the setting worked, use the --list option.

Set default GBC

These examples show how you can use gasadmin deploy command to list the deployed GBC clients and set a default client on the GAS.

gasadmin gbc --list 
gasadmin gbc --default custB
Figure: List deployed GBC and set default

Images shows the result of the gasadmin commands to list deployed GBC and to set the default client