Front-ends and Extensions

The Genero Application Server can serve applications using various front-ends and extensions.

Genero Desktop Client (GDC)
The Genero Desktop Client allows you to run the application through the GAS, yet deliver the application locally using the GDC. For more information about the GDC, refer to the Genero Desktop Client User Guide.
Genero Browser Client (GBC)
The GBC allows you to deliver Genero applications in a Web browser on the client machine. It is a JavaScript client that works with Node technology. The Genero Browser Client is provided as part of the FGLGWS installation. For more information see the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

For the latest list of the browsers supported by the Genero Browser Client, refer to the Supported platforms and databases document (available on the Products download page of the Four Js Web site) or contact your support center.

Genero Web Services (GWS)
Genero Web Services client allows you to implement Web services. Web services are a standard way of communicating between applications over the internet or an intranet. A Web service can be a server that exposes services or a client that consumes a service.
Any Web Service Client
The Genero Application Server is able to serve Web Service or RESTful clients written in languages other than Genero.