Add POINT and BLOCK sections to template

You can add new POINT and BLOCK areas to a template.

  1. To add a POINT or BLOCK section, determine where the POINT or BLOCK should be in the generated code and modify the (Tcl) file that corresponds to the generated file (4gl).

    To better understand what is happening during the build of the program, turn on verbose mode using Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then Compiler and Runtime > Compilation. You will be able to see what tcl files are being used and when. This can help you identify which tcl file you need to modify.

  2. Add a new POINT or BLOCK section. Be sure to give the POINT or BLOCK a unique name that is not already used by another POINT or BLOCK.
  3. Surround your added POINT or BLOCK area using the comment character of the targeted source code (such as "{" and "}" characters in Genero). Otherwise, the generated source code will not compile.
  4. Open your project and rebuild.

  1. To revert a change made in the source code, see Revert a change to a POINT or BLOCK.