POINT and BLOCK reference

POINT and BLOCK sections that appear in the generated source code are defined within the template (Tcl) files. You can add additional POINT and BLOCK sections to the generated code.


<POINT areaAttributes >…</POINT> 
<BLOCK areaAttributes >…</BLOCK> 
areaAttributes are standard XML attributes.
Table 1. areaAttributes
Attribute Required / Optional Usage
Name required Application’s unique string identifier. Alphanumeric characters are allowed plus "_" and "."
Aliases optional Space separated list of POINT / BLOCK names. This is used to rename a POINT / BLOCK. This value never appears in the generated source.
Status optional MODIFIED | LOST
Action optional REVERT

Name and Aliases Attribute

If the name of a POINT or BLOCK is to be changed and source code has been generated, the name can be updated using the Aliases attribute. The Name attribute will contain the new POINT / BLOCK name. The previous name of the POINT / BLOCK is preserved in the Aliases attribute.

A POINT / BLOCK may be renamed several times, thus the Aliases attribute is a space-separated list of names. It is recommended that this space-separated list is sorted from the most recent to the oldest POINT / BLOCK alias.