Configure Genero Studio to use a different character set

This example explains how to set up Genero Studio client and servers to use the Polish language with ISO 8859-2 encoding.

In this example, the Genero Studio client runs on a Windows® 10 platform using English with the CP1252 character set (Western European languages). The Genero Studio server runs on enterprise Linux™ using English with the UTF-8 character set.

  1. Configure the preferred encoding for the Genero Studio client. Select Tools > Preferences (or, if you are on a Mac, > Preferences), then General and locate the preferred encoding (ISO-8859-2 in this example) in the list of Text Encodings.
    If the preferred encoding is not available in the list, add a text encoding plugin to incorporate the preferred character set.
    Figure: Text File Encoding in General Preferences

    The screenshot shows the General Preferences window with text encoding selection ISO-8859-2.
  2. Check to see if the preferred encoding is supported on the Linux™ server (pl_PL.iso88592 for the example):
    $ locale -a | grep 88592
    If the preferred locale isn't present, install it per your system documentation. For example:
    $ localedef pl_PL.iso88592 –i pl_PL –f ISO-8859-2 
    Figure: Checking available encodings with the locale command

    The screenshot shows an example of using the locale command to check available encodings on a Linux server.
  3. Configure the desired keyboard and default input language on the Windows client. See Configure keyboard and language on a Windows client.
  4. Configure the selected language for the Genero Studio Server environment.
  5. Test the new configuration.