Configure LANG on a Genero Studio Server

Follow this procedure to configure the locale on a Genero Studio server (Linux™).

This task assumes you have added a remote host. In addition, the locale to be specified for the LANG environment variable must be installed on the UNIX® or Linux system.

Text encoding specifies the character set, and when compiling files, the LANG environment variable is used by Genero internal processes to determine which encoding the files use.


Setting the LANG environment variable in an Environment Set overrides system defaults or user level (.profile) settings.

  1. Launch the Genero Studio server (skip this step if using an ssh connection - it is automatic).
  2. On the Genero Studio client, select the remote host from the list in the lower right corner.
  3. On the Genero Studio client, navigate to Tools > Genero Configurations.
  4. Select a configuration from the list in the far left pane then select the plus

    to add a new environment set.
  5. Type in a meaningful name for the new environment set and press OK.
    Figure: Add Remote Environment Set

    The screenshot shows the option to add a remote environment set to a Genero Studio server.
  6. Select the

    above the Environment Variables list to add a variable named LANG with the desired locale (pl_PL.iso88592 in this example).
    With the LANG environment variable, you define the language, the territory (country) and the character set (codeset) to be used. The format is:
    Figure: Configuring the LANG environment variable

    This screenshot shows configuration of the LANG environment variable in a new environment set for the Genero Studio server.
  7. Add the new environment set to other configurations for the remote host as needed.