GST 4.00 new features

This publication includes information about new features and changes in existing functionality.


This page covers only those new features introduced with the GST version specified in the page title. Check prior new features pages if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read the upgrade guide corresponding to this version.


This version of GST is desupported, use a more recent version of the product.

Corresponding upgrade guide: GST 4.00 upgrade guide.

Previous new features guide: GST 3.21 new features.

Table 1. Project Manager
Overview Reference
The Configuration node is used to run or debug the application. See Projects.
The Genero (no link) language option provides build rules to support the recommended process for compiling applications, where the application uses IMPORT FGL statements instead of linking for type safety and better performance. See Languages.
The Package node includes a Main Module property to specify the default application for Androidâ„¢ or iOS packages. See Package node properties.
The $4fdcomp command includes a -make option. See Command line options for build, link, execution rules.
When a project is imported, the Target Directory can be set. See Import Project dialog.
Table 2. Business Application Modeler
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For BAM applications, code events become the default method for adding custom code. Enhancements support dialog interaction, CRUD operations, and SQL operations at the application layer. See:
Code events support more BA entities. You can now select properties that generate functions for your code in these entities:
  • Custom form
  • Relations
The BAM library libdbappEvents has a constant to handle CANCEL INSERT for use in the "Before Insert Row" code event. The insert action can be canceled by returning the dialog control instruction with libdbappEvents.CANCEL_INSERT (instead of libdbappEvents.CONTINUE_DIALOG). See:
There is improved support for custom forms in the BAM. They have a code event specific to handling their execution and their relations to other forms. See Custom form dialog events
Settings.agconf has locator dynamic property types for working with custom code events. The LOCATOR editor is a property editor providing a link to a file. See:
The Applicationflow, Config, and Resources nodes are excluded from the build process by default. See Structured projects.
The BAM library libdbappUI provides methods to remove a Top Menu or a Toolbar from a form. See:
Table 3. Code Editor
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The Diff tool includes new menu options: Compare From, Compare To, and Compare With. See Compare selected files using the Diff tool.
Convert an opened file to a different charset with Edit > Convert to > Convert Encoding. No additional reference.
Format and Indent works on JSON files. See Format and Indent.
The Fix Case tool can make all symbol names match their definition exactly. See Fix Case.
Table 4. Form Designer
Overview Reference
The gsform command includes a -make option. See The gsform command.
The Spacer container is available from the Container menu, as well as from the context menu. See HRec - aligning fields.
Table 5. Graphical Debugger
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When debugging an application, the user can choose which variables to fetch, and can also choose to show only selected variables. See Data view.
User variables can be imported and exported. See Data view.
Table 6. Meta-Schema Manager
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When generating meta-schema documentation, the user can now specify the output directory, style file, and BAM template. See Generate meta-schema documentation.
The gsdbdoc command generates meta-schema documentation. See The gsdbdoc command.
Table 7. Business Records
Overview Reference
The relationship between two business records is now defined by the whereParameters property of the relation. See whereParameters.