In Genero Studio, a named language defines a set of build, link, and execution rules, as well as a set of environment variables.

Genero Studio comes preconfigured for some languages, such as Genero or Java. You can add languages in the Build Rules Configuration dialog.

When specifying Genero, you have two choices:
This language option supports the use of libraries and the Genero linker when building applications.
By selecting this, the compilation process produces a .42r file, as well as .42m and .42x files.
Genero (no link)
This language option supports the recommended process for compiling applications, where the application uses IMPORT FGL statements instead of linking for type safety and better performance.
By selecting this, the compilation process produces only .42m files. The build rules do not use the Genero linker (fglrun -l). The build rules use the -make option of fglcomp; as a result, the command only rebuilds changed files by means of a single fglcomp process.
If you have multiple MAIN functions between the .4gl files in your application, you must choose this language option.

To set the language, select a node and set the Language property. See the topic properties of nodes found in the Projects view to identify which nodes have this property.