Form Designer preferences

The Form Designer Preferences page sets the preferences for form elements in Form Designer.

The Form Designer Preferences page consist of two sections.

New Form

Under New Form, you specify dimension defaults for a new form.

  • Default width: Default width, in number of characters.
  • Default height: Default height, in number of lines.


Under Import, you specify the defaults for forms that are imported from the .per format.

Table 1. Import preferences
Checkbox Description
Open form after import/export If selected, form is opened in Form Designer after being imported or exported. See Import and export .per files.
Convert Text into Label If selected, text in imported forms is converted into static labels.

It is preferred to use static labels instead of text to provide field and widget labels on a form. When you use static labels, you gain the use of all properties supported by the static label item type, to include the use of localized strings and internationalization. It is recommended that you leave this option selected.

Create WebComponent settings (.wcsettings) on import of a text form If selected, creates the .wcsettings file required for each web component on an imported text (.per) form. See Making web components available to Form Designer.

If a .wcsettings file already exists, it is kept unchanged.

If the GSTWCDIR environment variable is not set, the .wcsettings file is saved in the source directory.