Making web components available to Form Designer

To make web components available for Genero Studio form designers, the description of the web component must be described in an XML file with the extension .wcsettings.

Create a separate XML file to describe each web component using the format name.wcsettings; storecalendar.wcsettings for example. The componentType property in the Properties View is a combobox that displays the names of the available WebComponent widgets ("storecalendar" for example).

You can display an icon on the form design document when a web component is selected; otherwise the default icon is displayed. The name of the icon file must be the same as that of the wcsettings file. For example, the storecalendar web component would have storecalendar.wcsettings and storecalendar.jpg.

The form designer must specify the directory that contains the wcsettings and icon files. All the description files must be stored in a single directory. This directory must also contain any icon files to be displayed on the form design page for the web component. Specify the directory using the GSTWCDIR environment variable in a Web Component environment set. See Environment sets. Once you have set this directory, you may add the widgets to your form design documents.

Web component description files

Example file chart.wcsettings:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <DynamicProperty name="type" type="TEXT" label="type"
   description="type of chart"
   initialValue="" />
  <DynamicProperty name="caption" type="TEXT" label="caption"
   initialValue="" />
  <DynamicProperty name="subcaption" type="TEXT" label="subcaption"
   description="subcaption" initialValue="" />    
  <DynamicProperty name="xaxisname" type="TEXT" label="X label"
   description="label of X axis" initialValue="" />    
  <DynamicProperty name="yaxisname" type="TEXT" label="Y label"
   description="label of Y axis" initialValue="" />    
  <DynamicProperty name="numberPrefix" type="TEXT" label="numberPrefix"
   description="number prefix" initialValue="" />    
  <DynamicProperty name="labels" type="STRINGLIST" label="labels"
   description="labels" initialValue="" />    
  <DynamicProperty name="values" type="STRINGLIST" label="value"
   initialValue="" />    

The XML schema description for the .wcsettings file is contained in an XSD file named wcsettings.xsd, located in the Genero Studio installation directory $GSTDIR/conf/schema.