Import and export .per files

A Genero text form (per) can be imported and converted into Form Designer form files (4fd). Similarly, a Form Designer form can be exported to a Genero text form.

Importing a text form

Import an existing Genero per file into your project with File > Import text form (.per) .... This action imports and converts the file to a Form Designer form (4fd) file. If the per file is already in your project, right-click on the file and choose Import Text Form....

If your form includes web components, ensure Create WebComponent settings (.wcsettings) on import of a text form in the Form Designer preferences is selected. This option generates the .wcsettings file that describes the web components; however it is recommended that you validate the generated .wcsettings file. For further information, see Making web components available to Form Designer.

Tip: To use a per file in its text form within Genero Studio, add the file using Project > Add files....

Exporting a text form

Export a 4fd form as a Genero per file by right-clicking on the file and selecting Export text form.

If Open form after import/export is selected in your Form Designer preferences, the per file is opened in the Code Editor.