Container selection

The Container selection dialog lets you choose the type of container for the form.

Screenshot of Container selection dialog.


Select the container to hold the fields for the database columns:

Grid and ScrollGrid

Label and Field Alignment:

  • Label left and field left
  • Label right and field right
  • Label left and field right
  • Label right and field left

Label and Field Properties:

  • Maximum width - in characters
  • Number of fields - number of fields per line
  • Top border - in lines
  • Bottom border - in lines
  • Left margin - in characters
  • Right margin - in characters
  • Field gutter - spaces between label and data for a field
  • Field gap - gap between two fields on the same line


  • Repeat - check to repeat the fields
  • Row count - number of rows in matrix
  • Column count - number of columns in matrix