GST 4.01 upgrade guide

Review when migrating to GST 4.01.


This is an incremental upgrade guide that covers only topics related to the Genero Studio version specified in the page title. Check prior upgrade guides if you migrate from an earlier version. Make sure to also read about the new features for this version.

Corresponding new features page: GST 4.01 new features.

Previous upgrade guide: GST 4.00 upgrade guide

iOS project deploy rule script has changed

Starting with GST 4.01.01, there has been an update to the script behind the project deploy rules for iOS applications. If you edited your project deploy rules and they contain calls to the ideploy.tcl script, your modifications may no longer work against the updated script. Deploy rules are considered modified when you right-click on a project node, select Edit Package Rules, click the Deploy tab, and select the Overwrite default rules check box.

Prior to 4.01.01, the script is called with three arguments:
  • $(GSTDIR)
  • $(packageId)
  • $(DistDir)/$(PackageName)

Starting with 4.01.01, the script is called with a different set of arguments:

  • $(DistDir)
  • $(packageId)
  • $(packageLabel)

If you select to apply your previous configuration to your 4.01.01 installation, the old arguments in your modified deploy rules may (and most likely will) no longer work properly. You should review your modifications to ensure they work with the new version of the deployment script.

Special characters and spaces are handled when extracting schemas

Spaces and special characters in database tables and views are handled when a schema is extracted.

Prior to GST 4.01.02, database tables and views with spaces or special characters in their names or in their column names were not handled when a schema was extracted.

A new environment variable has been added, DB_SQL_DELIMITER

The DB_SQL_DELIMITER environment variable specifies delimiters for SQL databases with invalid SQL identifiers, including SQL keywords. For more information, go to DB_SQL_DELIMITER.

The application sandbox location is not changed when redeploying

From 4.01.03 on, the location of the application sandbox remains the same when redeploying an application from Genero Studio.

The resizeFillsEmptySpace style attribute has been added

From 4.01.03 on, the resizeFillsEmptySpace style attribute allows you to adapt the size of the bottom table columns to avoid unused space. For more information on working with style attributes, go to Modify styles.

Androidâ„¢ colors update

From 4.01.03 on, Android colors have been removed from the package node. Customizing colors in an application must be done with the GBC. For more information, go to Customization in the Genero Browser Client User Guide.

STACK is not supported

From 4.01.03 on, STACK is no longer supported by Genero products. For more information on working with an application's user interface, go to Creating the user interface.

C2DM_MESSAGE and C2D_MESSAGE is not supported

From 4.01.04 on, the Android permissions C2DM_MESSAGE and C2D_MESSAGE are deprecated. For more information on Android permisions, go to Set permissions for an Android Package.

Changes in earlier versions

Make sure to check the upgrade notes of earlier versions, to not miss changes introduced in maintenance releases. For more details, go to GST 4.00 upgrade guide.