Modify styles

Create an Genero Styles file (.4st) to modify the styles of the generated application.

The presentation styles are initially defined by a default Genero Styles file (dbapp.4st) located in the styles sub-directory of the template set directory.

For details regarding the syntax of a Genero Styles file, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.

  1. Select File > New.
    The Select an item dialog opens.
  2. Select either Genero BAM Desktop or Genero BAM Mobile, depending on what type of BAM application you are working with.
  3. Under the Resources section, select Styles (.4st).
    An untitled Genero Styles file with a .4st extension displays in the central workspace. This file is based on the default styles file for the selected template set.
  4. Modify the styles file by adding, modifying, or deleting style and style attributes.
  5. Save the modified file to your project.
    The default name expected for the styles file is dbapp.4st. Saving your file using this name ensures that Genero Studio will use your file at runtime, replacing the template default. If you save your file using a different name, you must find the BLOCK in the generated code that calls the ui.Interface.loadStyles() method and change the parameter name to the name of your new file.