Set permissions for an Android Package

When Genero Studio creates an Androidâ„¢ package node, it selects some permissions. You can change these default permissions if required.

An Android app must explicitly request access to resources and data outside of its process sandbox. They request this access by declaring the permissions they need for any additional capabilities. For example, if the application needs to access the contact database, you need to add the dangerous permission READ_CONTACTS. Within Genero Studio, these permissions are declared by setting the Permissions property for the Android packaging node. Genero Mobile for Android 1.20.15 or greater required.

  1. Select the Android package node.
  2. In the Properties view, within the Android group of properties, click the Permissions property.
    The ellipse icon appears.
  3. Click the ellipse icon.
    The Android permissions dialog appears.
  4. Scroll through the permissions list, selecting or de-selecting the permissions required by the application.
  5. When you have finished, click OK.

For further information, see Android Developer's Guide: Manifest.permission.