$(generate) model

The Business Application Modeler generates intermediate XML files. Examine the XML schema associated with an intermediate file to understand the content of the generated file.

The XML intermediate files generated by the Business Application Modeler - also referred to as the Application Generator (AG) model - can be opened and viewed in Code Editor. The grammar of the XML is defined by the XML Schema (.xsd).

To view the path to the grammar file, hover your mouse over the Code Editor tab containing the AG model. The resulting tooltip displays both:
  • The full path of the AG model file.
  • The full path to the grammar file.
The schema file used for an AG model can change frequently, depending on the version and the template. It is recommended that you use Code Editor to identify the grammar path correctly.

Locally, the schema files are located in $GSTDIR/conf/schema/. The files are named agmodel*.xsd, where * is replaced by a specific version number.

In addition to using the tooltip, you can examine the <AG> element to find the xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute. It provides a URL to the .xrd. For example: