The $(generate) command creates an intermediary XML file from modeled entities.


$(generate) [options] filename
  1. options are described in Table 1.


Table 1. $(generate) options
Option Description
-ba baFilePath Path to the BA diagram (4ba). The path of the 4ba file in the current project workspace is stored in the $(BAFilePath) project manager variable.
-o destinationDirectory filename Path of the generated XML file. filename is the generated XML filename. Uses the filename, replacing the extension with xml.

The -o option works only for a single file. If you are using multiple files, you must use the -d option (see below).

-raw The XML uses the raw source file format.
--make sourceFileNames Generates XML files for the file specified by sourceFileNames, but only if they have changed.
-d destinationDirectory Path of the generated XML files. Uses the filenames, replacing the extensions with xml.

The -d option works for a single file or multiple files, and therefore it is recommended over the -o option.


The $(generate) command is used in build rules for generated programs. Predefined node variables can be used in the command.
$(generate) -ba "$(BAFilePath)" "$(InputPath)"