Function called by relation event after sending a text message.


PUBLIC FUNCTION dlgEvent__action_action_AfterSMS( 
   dlg ui.DIALOG, errNo INTEGER, errMsg STRING, sms SmsSettings_Type)

The action part of the function name is defined by the Action property of the relation (under Source UI Settings) . If the Action property is not set, an error will occur at compile time.

The function has four parameters:

  1. dlg. This is a ui.DIALOG object referencing the current dialog. The dialog can implement an INPUT, INPUT ARRAY, DISPLAY ARRAY, MENU, or CONSTRUCT. For more information, see The Dialog class in Genero Business Development Language User Guide.
  2. errNo. This is an SQLCA.SQLCODE error.
  3. errMsg. This is the SQLERRMESSAGE message.
  4. sms. This is the type of SMS sent.


When you select the After Sending SMS property for the creation of the event, a function shell is created. Enter your code in the function.

This function is called when an SMS is sent.

Example: After Sending SMS

This example uses the After Sending SMS code event on a relation. The Action property of the relation is set to sendMessage. Every time a user sends an SMS, a message is displayed.

PUBLIC FUNCTION dlgEvent__action_sendMessage_AfterSMS(dlg ui.DIALOG, errNo INTEGER, errMsg STRING,   sms SmsSettings_Type)

        DISPLAY "SMS sent, type: " || sms 
        DISPLAY "ERROR: [" || errNo || "] " || errMsg
    END IF