Gather files for packaging

Gather all of the required files and resources and place them in a directory for packaging.


Ensure that you have compiled your application for the version of Genero you are deploying to.

All your files must be included under one directory. From the following checklist of files, include those that apply to your needs:
  • Application configuration files (.xcf)
  • Modules (.42r, .42m)
  • Form files (.42f)
  • Database files
  • Images
  • Resource files such as topmenu, toolbar, or styles resource files
  • Web component files
  1. Create a directory.
  2. Create a directory structure for your package if required.

    For example, this would be a valid organization of files:


    In the previous example, the files are organized within the root directory by a series of sub-directories. Such directories are not required. You can place all the files directly in the root as in the following archive for the same application:


What to do next

When you have completed the above steps, your next task is to Organize the resources (images, logos, etc.) required by applications.