This element contains all RESOURCE elements, organized by operating system.



Child elements

A RESOURCE_LIST element contains the following child elements:

  • One PLATFORM_INDEPENDENT element, containing a list of platform-independent resources.
  • One WNT element, containing a list of WNT-specific resources.
  • One UNX element, containing a list of UNIX-specific resources.


You use the RESOURCE_LIST element in the Genero Application Server configuration file to define RESOURCE elements, which can then be referenced in your application configuration files.

A resource is defined as PLATFORM_INDEPENDENT or PLATFORM-DEPENDENT, depending on the section (parent element) in which the resource is defined.

Example usage

    <RESOURCE Id="res.fglgui" Source="INTERNAL">1</RESOURCE>
    <RESOURCE Id="res.dvm.wa" Source="INTERNAL">
    <RESOURCE Id="res.dvm.wa" Source="INTERNAL">

Parent elements

This element is a child of the APPLICATION_SERVER element.