This RESOURCE element defines general GAS settings that can be used in the definition of applications and components, and in external application configuration files.


<RESOURCE Id=res-id [Source={"INTERNAL"|"ENVIRON"}]>res-data</RESOURCE>
  1. res-id is the unique identifier of the resource.
  2. The Source attribute specifies the location of the resource. This attribute is optional.
    The GAS locates the resource based on the value of the Source attribute, if specified.
    • If Source is INTERNAL, the resource is resolved to the location provided.
    • If Source is ENVIRON, the resource is the name of an environment variable, which represents the location of the resource.

      If Source is not specified, the resource defaults to INTERNAL.

  3. res-data is the value of the resource.

Child elements

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You use this element to specify resources such as location of proxy program, DVM, etc., within individual APPLICATION_LIST or SERVICE_LIST configurations. Resources are defined in the RESOURCE_LIST element of the GAS configuration file.

Source INTERNAL usage example

A resource defined with a reference to the internal location of the DVM or runtime program.
<RESOURCE Id="res.dvm.wa" Source="INTERNAL">$(res.fgldir)/bin/fglrun.exe</RESOURCE>

Source ENVIRON usage example

In this example, the resource "res.os " contains the value of the environment variable OS. For example, on a Windows® system, the environment variable OS could have the value "Windows_NT".

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