Writing a Web services client application

Create, configure and deploy a RESTful Genero Web Services (GWS) client.

In this section, you will learn about the basic steps of creating a client application to access the "Add" function in the calculator RESTful GWS Web Service that is detailed in the Calculator RESTFul Web services server application. The topics explain:
  1. What functions are available on the Server, and which query parameters/arguments to use with the URIS (resource). See Step 1: Obtain information about Web service resources.
  2. What GWS packages you need, see Step 2: Import extension packages (com, xml, util).
  3. What Genero Business Development Language records you need to define, see Step 3: Define the records.
  4. How to request the Web service functions. Step 4: Build the HTTP request
  5. How to get the result and handle errors.Step 5: Process the HTTP response.

In discussing the above five steps, the Calculator RESTFul Web services client application is used to provide code examples.