Configure a WS client to connect via an HTTP Proxy

Configuration steps to connect via a HTTP proxy.

  1. Add the location of the proxy to your FGLPROFILE file with the proxy.http.location entry.
    Add the entry proxy.http.location to your fglprofile. For the value, provide the IP address of the HTTP proxy and the port number where the HTTP proxy is listening, separated by a colon. For example, to have a client connect via a HTTP proxy located at the IP address "" and listening on port number "8080", add this entry to your fglprofile:

    proxy.http.location = ""

    To configure the client to connect via an HTTPS proxy, replace http with https.

  2. Define the list of host names the client will not have to connect to via a proxy with the proxy.http.list entry.
    Add the entry proxy.http.list to your FGLPROFILE file. For the value, provide a semi-colon separated list of clients. For example, to exclude all hosts beginning with "" or "" from connecting via a HTTP proxy, add this entry to your fglprofile:

    proxy.http.list = ";"