Authenticate the WS client to a proxy

Configuration steps to authenticate the client to a proxy (proxy authentication).

  1. Add an HTTP authenticate entry to your FGLPROFILE file.
    To connect via a proxy with HTTP Proxy Authentication, it is necessary to define the client login and password as registered on the HTTP proxy.

    The following two entries must be defined with an unique identifier (proxyauth for our example) to define a HTTP Proxy Authentication with myapplication as login and mypassword as password:

    authenticate.proxyauth.login     = "myapplication"
    authenticate.proxyauth.password  = "mypassword"

    See [RFC2617] for more details.

  2. For proxy authentication, an entry must be made to the HTTP proxy configuration in order to authenticate a client.

    To authenticate a client known as myapplication with mypassword as password by the HTTP Proxy, add the following entry to the HTTP proxy configuration:

    proxy.http.authenticate = "proxyauth"

    To authenticate the client to a HTTPS proxy, replace http with https.