Produces the root SVG element.


   id STRING,
   width STRING,
   height STRING,
   viewBox STRING,
   preserveAspectRatio STRING )
  RETURNS om.DomNode
  1. id is the SVG object identifier.
  2. width and height define the SVG viewport.
  3. viewBox defines the SVG viewbox (the internal coordinate system).
  4. preserveAspectRatio is the aspect ratio to preserve.


This function sets the attributes of the root "svg" SVG element from the parameters, and returns the SVG DOM element.

This method does not create a new DOM node object (it is created when calling the create() function): You can repeat calls to the setRootSVGAttributes() function to change/reset the root DOM node SVG attributes.

Create the SVG canvas with the following sequence of calls:
  1. Initialize the fglsvgcanvas library with initialize(),
  2. Create a new SVG canvas handler with create() (this creates the DOM node for the root SVG),
  3. Set root SVG attributes and get the corresponding DOM node object with setRootSVGAttributes().
  4. Use the root DOM node to append child DOM element created from fglsvgcanvas functions.

The width and height attributes define the SVG viewport, the visible area of the SVG image. You want to leave the viewport attributes to NULL, to let the SVG image adapt to its container.

The viewbox is specified with the viewBox parameter, to define the coordinate system to draw SVG objects. For example "0 0 100 100" defines a viewbox where 0,0 are the coordinates of the top/left corner, and 100,100 are the coordinates of the bottom/right corner. If you draw a rectangle with 25,25,50,50 it will be centered and use half of the viewbox.

The preserveAspectRatio parameter is used in conjunction with the viewBox attribute, to control how the SVG content is stretched, whether or not to force uniform scaling. In most case you want to use the "xMidYMid meet" as aspect ratio.

See SVG reference for more details about viewports and viewboxes.


DEFINE root_svg om.DomNode
CALL fglsvgcanvas.initialize()
LET cid = fglsvgcanvas.create("formonly.canvas")
LET root_svg = fglsvgcanvas.setRootSVGAttributes(
                  NULL, NULL,
                  "0 0 1000 1000",
                  "xMidYMin slice"