Creates a new contact, or merges to an existing entry, the contact details passed in a vCard string.


ui.Interface.frontCall("mobile", "importContact",
   [vcard], [result] )
  1. vcard - Holds a vCard string to be imported into the device's contacts database.
  2. result - Holds the completed vCard string.


The "importContact" front call sends the vCard definition passed as parameter to the mobile device.

If the contact import is canceled, the front-end returns NULL. Otherwise, it returns the vCard data.

On iOS devices, the user has the choice to create a new contact, or complete an existing contact entry. When creating a new entry, the contact input form is opened on the mobile device, to let the user complete the default values passed as parameter. When merging contact information to an existing entry, the user selects an entry from the contact list. If the contact import is validated, the front call returns the completed vCard string.

On Androidâ„¢ devices, this front call creates a new contact entry directly in the mobile contact list, depending on the VCard definition passed as parameter, no intermediate input form is presented to the end user. If the contact import is validated, the front call returns the original vCard string passed as parameter.


For GMA / Android, using the importContact front call needs the android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE Dangerous Permission to be specified when building the APK. See Android permissions for more details.


DEFINE vcard, result STRING
CALL ui.interface.frontcall("mobile","importContact",[vcard],[result])