Lets the user choose a contact from the mobile device contact list and returns the vCard.


ui.Interface.frontCall("mobile", "chooseContact",
   [], [result])
  1. result - The vCard string from the device's contacts database.


The "chooseContact" front call opens the mobile device contact chooser, allows the user to select a contact and returns the contact as a vCard string.


To be usable with GBC, this front call needs a secure context / front-end connection, in addition to mobile device permissions, when required. A secure context is achieved by using the GAS via HTTPS, via localhost on the same machine, or running direct via GDC-UR.


For GMA / Android™, using the chooseContact front call needs the android.permission.READ_CONTACTS Dangerous Permission to be specified when building the APK. See Android permissions for more details. On Android 5.1 and lower (< API 23), use the android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission.

If the user cancels the contact chooser, NULL is returned.

On Safari iOS, the chooseContact front call needs to be explicitly enabled in Safari Settings → Advanced → Experimental Features → Toggle Contact Picker API

The chooseContact front call returns a VCARD version 4, were the first name and last name fields are optional.


CALL ui.Interface.frontCall("mobile", "chooseContact", [], [vcard] )