Packed and unpacked grids

When resizing a window, the content will either grow with the window or be packed in the top left position.

If elements in the window can grow, they will follow the window container and resize accordingly. Some elements can grow vertically, some can grow horizontally, and some can grow in both directions. The way resizable form items can grow is controlled by the STRETCH attribute. The window content is packed horizontally, vertically or in both directions, if none of the elements can grow in that direction.

The following form item types can grow horizontally:

  • TABLE / TREE items
  • IMAGE items (with STRETCH=BOTH or STRETCH=X)

The following form item types can grow vertically:

  • TABLE / TREE items (without WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE attribute)
  • IMAGE items (with STRETCH=BOTH or STRETCH=Y)

In general, a GRID container can grow if any object inside the GRID can grow. There is an exception to this rule. If there is a single GROUP container (defined without the GRIDCHILDRENINPARENT attribute) inside a GRID and nothing else, the grid can grow even if the objects inside the grid cannot grow.

This exception allows better rendering of a grouped grid.

Figure: Packed grid

Packed grid screenshot
Figure: Unpacked grid

Unpacked grid screenshot