Controlling scrollgrid rendering

Scrollgrid rendering can be controlled by the use of presentation styles and scrollgrid attributes.

Scrollgrid resize control

By default scrollgrids are not resizable and the number of fixed rows is defined by the layout element. The WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE form file attribute controls the vertical resizing of the list elements. Set this attribute to NO, in order to get a resizable scrollgrid:

Figure: Resizable scrollgrid

Resizable scrollgrid.

Minimum number of scrollgrid lines

With a resizable scrollgrid, you can define the initial number of rows with the INITIALIPAGESIZE form file attribute:

The INITIALPAGESIZE attribute is mainly useful in modal windows, to define the initial window size. However, regular windows will be sized from the window container, and the form content will adapt to it.

Paged scrollgrids (tile list)

A scrollgrid can be rendered as a tile list to fit records horizontally and vertically in a page to respond to the container size when stretched or shrunk.

To enable a paged scrollgrid, in your .4st file, define the customWidget style attribute to the value pagedScrollGrid:

<Style name="ScrollGrid.paged" >
    <StyleAttribute name="customWidget" value="pagedScrollGrid" />
In the scrollgrid layout definition, use the style name as defined in your styles file:
Figure: Paged scrollgrid

Paged scrollgrid.

For more details see the customWidget presention style attribute reference.

Controlling element alignment inside a scrollgrid

To control the alignment of the elements inside the scrollgrid, use the itemsAlignment presentation style:

<Style name="ScrollGrid.centered" >
    <StyleAttribute name="itemsAlignment" value="center" />
In the scrollgrid layout definition, use the style name as defined in your styles file:

This attribute applies to default scrollgrid rendering and paged scrollgrid rendering. However, the possible values of itemsAlignment depend on the type of scrollgrid rendering.

For more details see the itemsAlignment presention style attribute reference.

Current row / current cell rendering

In a SCROLLGRID container, the highlighting of the current row (or current cell, when focus granularity is at the cell level) can be controlled with style attributes:

  <Style name="ScrollGrid">
     <StyleAttribute name="highlightCurrentRow" value="no" />
     <StyleAttribute name="highlightColor" value="#AEFFAE" />
     <StyleAttribute name="highlightTextColor" value="black" />
When the above style attributes are used, the resizable scrollgrid looks like this:
Figure: Scrollgrid row highlighting control

Scrollgrid row highlighting control.

For more details, see Row and cell highlighting in SCROLLGRID.

Current row visibility after dialog execution

When the dialog controlling the scrollgrid has finished, the current row may be deselected, depending on the KEEP CURRENT ROW dialog attribute.

Row aspect control

When using a SCROLLGRID with WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE=NO, use the rowAspect style attribute to get a card-like rendering of the rows:
<Style name="ScrollGrid.card" >
    <StyleAttribute name="rowAspect" value="card" />

When this style attribute is used, the resizable scrollgrid looks like this:

Figure: Resizable scrollgrid with card style

Resizable scrollgrid with card style.