The WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE attribute controls the vertical resizing of a list element.




The WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE attribute can be used for SCROLLGRID containers to control the vertical resizing of the list element.

The WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE attribute can also be used for TABLE/TREE, this was the former solution to make the list element only stretchable horizontally. For TABLE/TREE, it is recommended to use the STRETCH=Y attribute instead of WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE.

By default, a SCROLLGRID container is not resizable in height. The number of visible scrollgrid rows is defined by the form file. To allow the scrollgrid to stretch vertically, use the attribute WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE=NO.

When using a stretchable SCROLLGRID with WANTFIXEDPAGESIZE=NO, one can define the rendering with the customWidget style attribute.