Presentation styles changes

Modifications to consider when using presentation styles.

Edit.dataTypeHint style attribute is deprecated

Starting with Genero BDL 3.10, the Edit presentation style attribute dataTypeHint is deprecated.

Consider using the KEYBOARDHINT form attribute instead.

Image.alignment style attribute

The alignment style attribute for IMAGE form items is now supported by:
  • GMA 1.30.01

For the possible values of this attribute, see Image style attributes.

TextEdit.customWidget style attribute

With Genero BDL 3.10, the TextEdit presentation style customWidget is no longer required with the GBC front-end.

This style attribute was supported by GWC-HTML5, when using textFormat="html".

Reference: TextEdit style attributes.

Window.commentPosition style attribute is deprecated

Since Genero BDL 3.10, the Window presentation style commentPosition is deprecated.

This style attribute is only supported by the GDC front-end.

Reference: Window style attributes.

Window.actionPanelButtonSize and Window.ringMenuButtonSize style attributes

Starting with Genero BDL 3.10, the action panel and ring menu button sizes can be defined by specifying a size relative to the height of the current font; using the "em" unit, for example:

<StyleAttribute name="actionPanelButtonSize" value="20em" />

The abstract values such as "small", "medium", "large" are supported for backward compatibility.

Reference: Window.actionPanelButtonSize, Window.ringMenuButtonSize.

Table.allowWebSelection with GBC

To select table/tree content with the GBC front-end, by default, the user must press the CTRL key and do a click-and-drag.

Starting with GBC 1.00.28, you can use the "allowWebSelection" style attribute, to allow content selection from a table (or a treeview), with a simple click-and-drag (without pressing the CTRL key):

<StyleAttribute name="allowWebSelection" value="yes" />

In GWC-HTML5, the "allowWebSelection" style attribute was supported for the Window elements, to allow the user to copy the content of disabled fields to the clipboard. Text selection and copy in disabled fields is allowed by default with GBC.

Reference: Table style attributes, Tree style attributes.


Starting with GBC 1.00.33, the resizeFillsEmptySpace style attribute can be used for Table and Tree elements:

<StyleAttribute name="resizeFillsEmptySpace" value="yes" />

Reference: Table style attributes, Tree style attributes.

Window.tabbedContainer with GBC


tabbedContainer is deprecated and replaced by the application list and window list concepts. See Containers for program windows for more details.

Since GBC 1.00.34, the tabbedContainer style attribute can be used to render hosted applications embedded in a tab container, as was done with GWC-HTML5:

<StyleAttribute name="tabbedContainer" value="yes" />

If the window of an application uses tabbedContainer=yes, every subsequent application is embedded in a tab container generated by GBC. When using this style attribute, the GBC sidebar is replaced by Start menus, which is mandatory when tabbedContainer=yes.

Reference: Window.tabbedContainer style attribute.

Window.position value "center" with GBC

Starting with GBC 1.00.35, you can use the window position "center" for the position style attribute:

<StyleAttribute name="position" value="center" />

Using the center position mimics HTML5 centering windows when setting the sizable style attribute to "no". The main difference with HTML5 is that centering was the default behavior with HTML5. With GBC, it has to be specified explicitly.

Reference: Window.position style attribute.

Window.sizable with GBC for modal windows

Since GBC 1.00.37, the sizable style attribute can also be used for modal windows:

<StyleAttribute name="sizable" value="no" />

Reference: Window.sizable style attribute.

CheckBox.customWidget style attribute

Starting with GBC 1.00.38, the CheckBox presentation style attribute customWidget can be defined to "toggleButton", to get a toggle switch rendering:
<StyleAttribute name="customWidget" value="toggleButton" />

Reference: CheckBox style attributes.

DateEdit.buttonIcon and DateTimeEdit.buttonIcon style attributes

Starting with GBC 1.00.41, the buttonIcon presentation style attribute can be used for DateEdit and DateTimeEdit classes, to defined the icon of the calendar button.

Reference: DateEdit style attributes, DateTimeEdit style attributes.

DateEdit.calendarType style attribute

Since GBC 1.00.45, the DateEdit presentation style attribute calendarType altered its behaviour for the value modal. When set to modal, the user must use the calendar to validate (or cancel) a date change, and clicking outside the calendar closes the calendar. Previous behavior included a greyed overlay when the calendar was opened as modal, and clicking outside the calendar did nothing.

Reference: DateEdit style attributes.

Folder.position value "accordion"

Starting with GBC 1.00.47, you can use the value "accordion" for the position style attribute of FOLDER containers, to render the children pages as a set of collapsible group boxes.

Reference: Folder style attributes.