File extensions

This page describes the file extensions used by the language.

Table 1. File extensions
Extension Type Description
.4gl Text Source module
.42m Binary Compiler p-code module
.per Text Form specification file
.42f XML Compiled form specification file
.42s Binary Compiled localized strings file
.4st XML Presentation styles resource file
.4sm XML Startmenu resource file
.4tm XML Topmenu resource file
.4tb XML Toolbar resource file
.4ad XML Action defaults resource file
.sch Text Database schema file - column types
.42d Binary (development only) Database schema file index (for .sch)
.str Text Localized strings source file
.val Text Database schema file - form field attributes
.att Text Database schema file - video attributes
.42r Binary Program file
.42x Binary P-code library
.msg Text Message definition source file
.iem Binary Compiled message definition file