The fglmkmsg tool compiles .msg message files into a binary version used by programs.


fglmkmsg [options] srcfile.msg [outfile.iem]
  1. options are described in Table 1.
  2. srcfile.msg is the source message file.
  3. outfile.iem is the destination file.


Table 1. fglmkmsg options
Option Description
-V Displays version information.
-h Displays options for the tool.
-r msgfile De-compiles a binary message file.


The fglmkmsg command line tool compiles a .msg message file into a .iem compiled version:
fglmkmsg mess01.msg
For backward compatibility, you can specify the output file as second argument:
fglmkmsg mess01.msg mess01.iem

The .iem compiled version can be used by BDL programs, for example, when the HELP clause is used in a MENU or INPUT instruction.