FLIPPED attribute

The FLIPPED attribute flips TABLE columns into rows.


where screen-size can be:
  1. screen-size is a screen size selector that indicates when the "flip columns" attribute must apply, depending on the size of the screen. Several FLIPPED@screen-size attributes can be used for the same element.


The FLIPPED attribute forces the TABLE container to render in a way that all cells of a given row are packed vertically, to get a thinner table. The table is still scrollable, with each row displayed stacked as a group of fields.

To create a responsive layout form, the FLIPPED attribute can be combined with the @screen-size selector, to get different table renderings depending on the screen size. On a large screen, tables can be rendered in the classic way. On small screens, the "flip columns" mode rendering is more appropriate.

When the FLIPPED attribute applies, the widgets used to render form items may not keep the same size (especially the height) as in classical table display, as the goal is to pack cells vertically to display rows on small screens. Some type of form items such as RADIOGROUP, IMAGE and TEXTEDIT will typically get a different height and therefore should be used with care in a table with the FLIPPED attribute.