Creates a new SAX document handler object for the given .4gl module.


   moduleName STRING )
  RETURNS om.SaxDocumentHandler
  1. moduleName is the name of the .4gl module defining the document handler events.


The om.SaxDocumentHandler.createForName() method creates an om.SaxDocumentHandler instance and binds the .42m module passed as argument to the object.

To hold the reference to a SAX document handler object, define a variable with the om.SaxDocumentHandler type.

The module must be available as a compiled .42m file, which is loadable based on the environment settings (FGLLDPATH).

The module must implement the following functions to process the SAX filter events:

Table 1. Functions of the SAX document handler module
Function Description
Called once at the beginning of the document processing.
Called once at the end of the document processing.
 tagname STRING,
 attrs om.SaxAttributes )
  1. tagname is the tag name of element.
  2. attrs is list of attributes.
Called when an XML element is reached. Use the om.SaxAttributes methods to handle the attributes of the processed element.
endElement( tagname STRING )
  1. tagname is the tag name of element.
Called when the end of an XML element is reached.
 piname STRING,
 data STRING )
  1. piname is the name of the processing instruction.
  2. data is the content of the processing instruction.
Called when a processing instruction is reached.
characters( data STRING )
  1. data is the text data.
Called when a text node is reached.
skippedEntity( name STRING )
  1. name is the name of the unknown entity.
Called when an unknown entity node is reached (like &xxx; for example).


DEFINE f om.SaxDocumentHandler
LET f = om.SaxDocumentHandler.createForName("mysaxmod")

For a complete example, see Example 1: Extracting phone numbers from a directory.