Defines a list of paths to find program modules.

The FGLLDPATH environment variable defines the search paths to find FGL modules and C extensions.

When compiling (IMPORT FGL), linking and when executing the program, the compiler and the runtime system must known where to search for .4gl/.42m (and C extension) modules. Use the FGLLDPATH environment variable, to define the search paths to find program modules.

When using packages, FGLLDPATH can define the top-dir to find modules from the package paths. See PACKAGE for more details.

FGLLDPATH must contain a list of paths, separated by the operating system specific path separator. The path separator is ":" on UNIX™ platforms and ";" on Windows® platforms.

The directories are searched in the following order:

  1. The current working directory.
  2. The directory where the program file resides (the .42m module containing MAIN or the .42r program file).
  3. A path defined in the FGLLDPATH environment variable.
  4. The $FGLDIR/lib directory.

FGLLDPATH is also used by the debugger to find program sources. For more details, see FGLSOURCEPATH.