Defines the search paths to load program modules.

The FGLLDPATH environment variable defines the search paths to load C extensions and .42m modules.

Note: The FGLLDPATH variable is used at link time and at run time.

A program can be composed by several p-code modules (.42m) and can use C extensions. When linking and when executing the program, the runtime system must known where to search for these modules. You can use the FGLLDPATH environment variable to define the search paths to load C extensions and p-code modules.

FGLLDPATH must contain a list of paths, separated by the operating system specific path separator. The path separator is ":" on UNIX™ platforms and ";" on Windows® platforms.

The directories are searched in the following order:

  1. The current working directory.
  2. The directory where the program file resides (the .42m module containing MAIN or the .42r program file).
  3. A path defined in the FGLLDPATH environment variable.
  4. The $FGLDIR/lib directory.
Note: FGLLDPATH is also used by the debugger to find program sources. For more details, see FGLSOURCEPATH.