Sets the row selection flags for a range of rows.


   name STRING,
   start INTEGER,
   end INTEGER,
   value BOOLEAN )
  1. name is the name of the screen record, see Identifying screen-arrays in ui.Dialog methods.
  2. start is the starting row index.
  3. end is the ending row index.
  4. value is the selection flag to set.


If multi-row selection is enabled with setSelectionMode(), you can set the selection flags for a range of rows with the setSelectionRange() method.
ON ACTION select_all 
  CALL DIALOG.setSelectionRange( "sr", 1, -1, TRUE)

The start and end index must be in the range of possible row indexes (from 1 to DIALOG.getArrayLength()).

If you specify an end index of -1, it will set the flags from start index to the end of the list.