Identifying screen-arrays in ui.Dialog methods

In ui.Dialog methods such as setCurrentRow(), the first parameter is the name of the screen array to identify the list container in the form.

Screen arrays are defined in form specification files with the SCREEN RECORD clause, and used in DISPLAY ARRAY and INPUT ARRAY instructions to bind program array variables to the list container.

In the form file:

SCREEN RECORD custlist ( ... );
In the program code:
DISPLAY ARRAY custarr TO custlist.*
   ON ACTION set_row
      CALL DIALOG.setCurrentRow("custlist", row_index)

The name of the screen array passed as parameter can use the same letter case as in the SCREEN RECORD definition: The lookup is case-insensitive:

-- In the form file:
SCREEN RECORD CustList ( ... );
-- In the program code:
CALL DIALOG.setCurrentRow("CustList", row_index)