Serializes data of the selected rows.


   name STRING )
  1. name is the name of the screen record, see Identifying screen-arrays in ui.Dialog methods.


The selectionToString() method can be used to get a tab-separated value list of the selected rows.

When multi-row selection is disabled, the method serializes the current row.

You typically use this method along with drag & drop to fill the buffer, by using a text/plain MIME type, to export data to external applications.
ON ACTION serialize
  LET buff = DIALOG.selectionToString( "sr" )

Numeric and date data will be formatted based on current locale settings (DBMONEY, DBDATE).

The visual presentation of data is respected. The dialog will copy the rows in the sort order specified by the user, moved columns will appear in the same positions as in the table and hidden columns will be ignored. Note that phantom columns are not copied.

Items in the tab-separated record will be surrounded by double-quotes if the value contains special characters such as a newline, a double-quote, or controls characters with ASCII code < 0x20. Double-quotes in the value will be doubled.