Inserts a new node in the specified tree.


   name STRING,
   index INTEGER )
  1. name is the name of the screen record, see Identifying screen-arrays in ui.Dialog methods.
  2. index is the index of the next sibling node in the program array (starts at 1).


The insertNode() method is similar to insertRow(), except that it has to be used when the list dialog controls a tree view.

This method must be used when modifying the array of a tree view during the execution of the dialog, for example when implementing a dynamic tree with ON EXPAND / ON COLLAPSE triggers. Before the execution of the dialog, you can fill the program array directly. This includes the context of BEFORE DISPLAY or BEFORE DIALOG control blocks.

When adding rows for a tree view, the id of the parent node and new node matters because that information is used to build the internal tree structure. When calling insertNode(), you pass the index of the next sibling node. In the program array, the parent-id member of the new node will be automatically initialized with the value of the parent-id of the next sibling node, then the internal tree structure is rebuilt.