Converts the program array index to the visual index for a given screen array.


   name STRING,
   arrayIndex INTEGER
  1. name is the name of the screen record, see Identifying screen-arrays in ui.Dialog methods.
  2. arrayIndex is the index of the program array row.


When the end user sorts rows in a table, the program array index may differ from the visual row index.

Use this method to convert a program array row index (arr_curr()) to a row index as seen by the end user. For example, if you want to display a typical message with (current-row / total-rows), convert the current program array row to a visual row index before displaying the value:

MESSAGE SFMT( "Row: %1/%2",
   DIALOG.arrayToVisualIndex( "sr", DIALOG.getCurrentRow("sr") ),
   DIALOG.getArrayLength( "sr" )