Displays new added images to the end user.


flush( id SMALLINT )
  1. id is the fglgallery identifier, as returned by the create() function.


This function flushes the new images to the fglgallery web component.

The flush() method is used after adding a set of new images with the addImage() function, to show the images when the image gallery is already displayed. A flush() call is not required before calling the display() method.

The id parameter is the fglgallery handler returned by the create() function.


CALL fglgallery.addImage(id, "http://...", "Picture 1")
CALL fglgallery.addImage(id, "http://...", "Picture 2")
CALL fglgallery.addImage(id, "http://...", "Picture 3")
CALL fglgallery.flush()