Adds a picture resource to an fglgallery.


   path STRING,
   title STRING )
  1. id is the fglgallery identifier, as returned by the create() function.
  2. path is the path to the image resource (URL).
  3. title is the text to be displayed beside the picture.


This function adds a new image to the fglgallery web component.

The function requires the gallery id, the path to the image file, which can be an URL or a local relative path, and a title/description of the picture.

The id parameter is the fglgallery handler returned by the create() function.

The function only registers the image resource for the gallery. In order to display the added images, you must call the flush() or the display() function.

When displaying regular image resources available from an URL, you can directly specify this URL.

When displaying an application image located on the server, you must use the ui.Interface.filenameToURI() method.

Leave title NULL, if you don't want to add a description.


Displaying an image from an URL:

CALL fglgallery.addImage(id,
   "Mountain ridge")
Displaying an image resource that is located on the application server:
CALL fglgallery.addImage(id,
   "The big smiley.")