Presentation styles changes

Modifications to consider when using presentation styles.

common.imageCache (GDC specific) style attribute is desupported

Starting with GDC 3.20.02, the imageCache style attribute is no longer supported.

The imageCache style attribute was only available with the GDC front-end, to indicate if the image resource of a form element had to be cached by the front-end. By default, images for image fields (typically changing at runtime) were not cached, while images of static form items (Button, TopMenu item, Toolbar item) were cached.


The front-end file cache management has been improved in Genero 3.20. For more details about image resource handling, see The resource file cache of the front-end.

Action views rendering in GBC chromebar

Starting with GBC 1.00.51, the value "chrome" can be used for the following Window style attributes:
  • actionPanelPosition
  • ringMenuPosition
  • toolBarPosition

When setting one of these style attributes to the value "chrome", the action views of the corresponding panel are rendered in the GBC chromebar.

On mobile devices, this will follow Material Design specification.

For more details, see Action views in chromebar.

Collapsible groups with GBC

Since GBC 1.00.52, group elements in grid-based or stack-based form layouts can be defined as collapsible with new presentation style attributes:
  • collapsible: When set to "yes", makes the group element collapsible by the end user.
  • initiallyCollapsed: When set to "yes", forces the group to be collapsed when the form is displayed the first time.

    Starting with GBC 1.00.54, value of initiallyCollapsed can be "never" to never collapse a group when it displays, or "always", to always collapse a group when it displays (ignoring stored settings or previous display state).

  • Starting with GBC 1.00.53: collapserPosition: Can be set to "left" or "right" to define the position of the collapser icon.

For more details, see Collapsible groups.

New Folder.collapserPosition (GBC)

Starting with GBC 1.00.53, the collapserPosition style attribute can be set to "left" or "right" to define the position of the collapser icon, when the position style attribute is defined to "accordion" for the folder.

For more details, see FOLDER rendering.

New HBox.splitViewRendering (GBC)

Starting with GBC 1.00.52, HBOX containers can be rendered as split views in GBC, when the width of the webview is lower than a pre-defined number of pixels.

For more details, see c_fgl_FormSpecFiles_HBOX.html#c_fgl_FormSpecFiles_HBOX__section_hbox_splitview.

Button.alignment style attribute (GMA)

The alignment style attribute for BUTTON form items is now supported by:
  • GMA 1.40.03

For the possible values of this attribute, see Button.alignment.

New ScrollGrid.itemsAlignment style attribute (GBC)

Starting with GBC 1.00.55, it is possible to control the alignment of elements inside a SCROLLGRID container with the itemsAlignment style attribute.

For more details, see Controlling element alignment inside a scrollgrid.

New DateTimeEdit.enableCalendar style attribute (GDC)

Since GDC version 3.20.09, DATETIMEEDIT fields can be rendered with a date/time picker, when defining the enableCalendar style attribute to "yes".

The date/time picker reacts like with DATEEDIT fields: ENTER key will close it and validate the date/time selection, ESC key will close the widget and cancel the date/time selection.

When using the date/time picker mode of DATETIMEEDIT, the content of the field can be cleared, and it makes the CONSTRUCT mode available.

When used with an INPUT, INPUT ARRAY (or in simple display mode), the format of the date part is defined by the DBDATE environment variable, and the format for the time part is defined by the GDC monitor language settings. In CONSTRUCT mode, the display format is set to ISO, when the variable associated to the field is a DATETIME.

New ComboBox.qtStyle style attribute (GDC)

Since GDC version 3.20.11, COMBOBOX fields can be rendered with a specific Qt widget style, by defining the qtStyle attribute. In order to get a background color defined by the backgroundColor style attribute, the qtStyle attribute must be set to "Windows".


This feature is desupported. It may still be available, but can be removed in a next version.

This feature is desupported with GDC version 4.00, using now Universal Rendering.

New sanitize style attribute (GBC)

By default, to avoid "Stored XSS" attacks, the GBC (version 1.00.58) cleans the HTML sent to form elements, to ensure no malicious script can be executed. This security control prevents for example to create a label with HTML content such as "<a href='mailto: …"

Starting with GBC 1.00.59, it is possible to disable the checking of HTML content send to form elements, by setting the sanitize style attribute to "no". This attribute is available for form items that accept HTML content: Label, Message, and TextEdit.

New Folder.lateRendering style attribute (GBC)

Starting with GBC 1.00.60, the layout computation of FOLDER containers can be optimized with the lateRendering style attribute set to "yes", to compute only the layout of the current displayed page.

For more details, see Folder style attribute reference pages.