FOLDER item type

Defines a layout area to hold folder pages.

FOLDER item basics

A FOLDER form item type groups folder pages together. Folder pages are defined with the PAGE form item.

Defining an FOLDER

The FOLDER form item is just a container for PAGE items.
   PAGE ...
   PAGE ...

Where to use a FOLDER

A FOLDER form item can be defined in different ways:
  1. In a FOLDER container in a LAYOUT tree, within a grid-based layout.
  2. As a FOLDER stack item, inside a STACK container, within a stack-based layout.

FOLDER rendering

Front-ends support different presentation and behavior options, which can be controlled by a STYLE attribute.

The rendering of the folder tabs can be controlled with the position style attribute.

When using the values "top", "left", "right" and "bottom", the folder is rendered as a classic folder/page view, with folder tabs at the required position. Default is "top".

When using the value "accordion", the folder pages can be collapsed and expanded.
Note: The "accordion" position is only supported by the GBC front-end.

When the position style attribute is "accordion", the collapserPosition style attribute can be used to define the position of the collapser icon.

For more details, see Folder style attributes.