Find your mobile app p-code size

If you have a Genero Mobile free developer license, use this procedure to determine your app's p-code size.

The free developer license is suitable for apps whose p-code is under 64K (65,535 bytes to be precise).
Note: For general information about the fglrun sizing options --program-size and --module-size, see the Genero Business Development Language User Guide.
  1. From Genero Studio, open the Tools > Genero Tools menu and select Genero Workplace Window.
    The Genero Workplace Window opens and displays a command prompt.
  2. Verify that you are using a free Genero Mobile license.
    Type the command fglWrt -a info.
    Figure: Checking your Genero Mobile license

    Screen capture of output of fglWrt command, showing the results stating "Genero Mobile Limited Free license".
    The output states when you are using a free license. You only need to continue this procedure if you are using a free license. A paid license has no limit.
  3. Navigate to the directory where your compiled program files reside.
  4. Type the command fglrun --program-size appname, where appname is your app name.
    Figure: Determining the bytes towards your app p-code limit

    Screen shot showing results of the fglrun command, with a limit amount displayed at the end of the output.
    The last line of the output shows the number of kilobytes of p-code for the app, as well as the number of kilobytes that apply towards the free license limit. The limit number cannot exceed 64K.
    Note: The limit only includes the modules compiled with the free license. These modules are identified with the (limited) tag in the command output. Modules precompiled in Genero packages are not compiled with a free license, and therefore do not count towards the limit.